since 2017, installation, latex gloves
Thousands of latex gloves are tied together. These open up three categories, whichdepict a range of social stigmatization of  typically female professions. The latex glove represents the common denominator for the classic „care professions“: nurse,  cleaning lady and prostitute.

What all three have in common is that they either enjoy little respect, are poorly paid or rank in the lower echelons of the social class. They represent the essential characteristics that are expected of a woman:
she should be caring, domestic and sexy at the same time.

Installation views
mom ART space, Schichtarbeit, 2021, Photo: Helge Mundt
Kunstverein Erlangen, Liaison, 2020, Photo: Simone Karl
Frappant, SHIFT - beyond the binary, 2019, Photo: Simone Karl