Not one more... but still I am counting

since 2021, installation, fabric, bleach, projection
The installation deals with the topic of femicide. Femicide is the term used to describe the killing of women and girls because of their gender. An important part of my installation is the impossibility of counting the ongoing disappearance.
The result is a memorial. A place of grief and failure. The black flags of the resistance hang wearily on the ground, crushed by the burden of thousands of extinguished lives.

Funded by Claussen-Simon-Foundation and “Zukunftsstipendium” of the Ministry for Culture and Media Hamburg.

Installation views: lokal_30, Warsaw, 2022, Photo: Adam Gut
Goyki3 Art Inkubator, Sopot, 2021, Photo: Bogna Kociumbas / Goyki3 Art Inkubator